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Only Crime is a combination of five veterans of the punk/hardcore scene who have pooled their collective experience to create a truly refreshing musical statement. Fusing elements of heavy rock and roll with the furious energy of punk rock from the 1970's and 1980's, Only Crime has also adopted the creative abandon pioneered by jazz's seminal protagonists. The band's sound is heavy without being the least bit "metal", melodic without sounding "pop", and experimental without treading into the arcane realm of "art" rock. While the members of Only Crime aren't new, their music is like nothing you've heard before.



1. Take Me
2. Everything For You
3. Shotgun
4. Eyes Of The World
5. Now's The Time
6. In Your Eyes
7. Just Us
8. There's A Moment
9. This Is Wretched
10. Too Loose
11. Framed Then Failed
12. Xanthology

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